Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rural Education Program in India

Rural Education in India

Education is one of the main and basic need of the life of everyone. Without education man is like an animal. In our country Lord Macauly in 1853 started the education of English. Lord Macauly wanted to establish a new segment or class of Babu for working in the Government offices of British Govt. After independence Government started a big programme of spreading education all over the country. in this programme primary, secondary, higher secondary schools and Graduate and Post Graduate colleges were open.

The basic thought behind the establishment of these schools is that there must be a primary school in every villages and must be a Inter College between three or four villages. There are almost 5,51,137 villages in India and almost 6,50,000 primary schools about 1,50,000 primary schools are going on in the cities and urban areas and almost 5,00,000 schools are in villages. About 2,00,000 Inter colleges are running in the country in which about 1,20,000 are going on in Urban areas. Government of India and the Provincial Government is regularly working for the progress of education in the country and their main emphasis on the development of rural education.

There are a lot of problems in rural education. Those teachers are appointed in the schools and colleges of the rural areas they don’t try to gave the students good education their main aim is to kill their time here and they do efforts of their transfer and they have no interest in performing their duty well. The villagers are not very serious about the education of their children. They feel very hesitation in sending their children to school. They thought that if their children getting the education then they don’t do their agricultural works and this thought also prove right. The women education in the rural areas is also in a very bad condition. The villagers don’t send their daughters to school. They said that the daughters don’t need education their main work is working in the house, if their daughters go to school then her thought should be changed and it will not good. The society of village still can’t leave the conservative thought they think that it is not right that the boys and girls sitting together in the class, so they don’t ready to sent their daughters in school.

From more than hundred years our farmer robbed and cheated by the money landers and Mahajans. They gave loan to the farmers against their property (Agricultural land, animal or house etc.) and this farmer spent his whole life under this debt. In spite of doing payment the money lender captured its land or house and sometimes the loan of father was paid by his son.

By this the Mahajans and moneylenders became richer and richer and the farmers had to live his whole life into dept. The main reason of this poorest condition of farmers was the illiteracy. Now a days we also find illiteracy in thousands of villages. The reason of the illiteracy was the somewhere the lack of education facilities and some where the passiveness of the people about education.

It is right that Government is working to extension of schools. Colleges in villages but we have to change the mentality of the teaching staff as well as our villagers. If the teachers don’t pay any attention towards their duty then these schools and colleges become empty. The teachers encourage the village people to send their children into schools and colleges aware them about the benefits of education and told them that with education your child can live a good life and he can move towards his progress. These children come to schools and colleges they must educate them in this way that they understand the meaning of education and feel better than the time of illiteracy. A educate child motivate many other children to come to school this is the main thing which become a milestone of our vast scale educational establishment.

Now many social workers are working with Government for the rural education. The Government very fastly spreading the education facilities in villages and also spreading the awareness about the education in the villages. Mahatma Gandhi once said that India can’t progress without the progress of the villages, so if we develop our villages then India must be develop but without education any type of development is impossible, so we must educate the people of rural India. The educated people of rural India must play very important role in the development of country.