Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Short Essay on All That Glitters is not Gold

This proverb implies that appearance alone cannot be a criterion for deciding the quality of a person or thing. We are often misled by appearances. Gold is bright and glittering. But we cannot say that all bright and glittering things are gold. Shakespeare says in “The Merchant of Venice”, “All that glitters is not gold.” Bassanio does not choose Portia’s portrait from the glittering gold or silver box. He chooses the box made of lead. We must keep this saying in mind when we judge a man, too. Some men appear to be of pleasing character. They may be humble, too. All these may be their pretence. There are some others who appear to be gruff. There may be kindness beneath gruffness. What is meant is that we should not judge a man only from what he appears to be. Appearances are often deceptive.

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