Thursday, August 28, 2008

Behavioural changes in educated women and its impact on society

Whatever we do has to have a close bearing on our behaviour and attitude. We cannot visualize doing something and not having to bear its consequences, good or bad, and as we know every coin has two sides, the good the bad. No matter how slender and paper thin a coin may be, it has to have two sides to it.
We are here to discuss the impact of education on women. This can be understood with the clear background of how much of education have women been getting in India through the centuries. Let us dare say that women who consist half of India’s population have been thoroughly neglected in India. Their growth as individuals has never been looked into and they have been taken for granted as, just tools in the hands of the superior being MAN. Now this situation has existed in India for the last several centuries and women had all this time succumbed to this fact and accepted the role of a slave to man. This situation could be well continued only because women were kept in the dark and not allowed to feed on the fruits of education, enlightenment and awareness. This kept life a easy going for men, as women also adhered to all norms of slavery and never seemed to have better. However, this situation of complacency of women on the stage of the country took a turn in the mid of 20th century, when women started women started entering the scene of education in India.
Now obviously when women got the fruits that they had never tasted earlier, there had to be a reaction. This reaction has been two-fold. On the one hand, education has made women smarter, knowledgeable but with gaining a little power. So much is good, however the second reaction has been rather disappointing. The education of girls has led them to believe that, since they are being educated as much as men, their very domain of activity and influence must be jettisoned to the extent that they get out of the precincts of their homes and fly free in the world of men.
If this reaction in their behaviour ended here then even, we would not have lost much, but for women – this is not all. The outcome of education of women has been hazardous in as far as, they have not only entered into the realm of men, they have started behaving like men. This part of the behavioural changes in women have been suicidal, for this has started having a deep negative impact on the family and the society at large.
The long loved home has become a den of woes for educated women, they do not seem to be happy in the home. They have started feeling that domestic work is below their dignity Рthe dignity of the educated clan. If this is the change in the behaviour of educated women, that day is not far when, children will be born in hospitals, grown in cr̬ches, study and live in hostels and die in hospitals. If educated women continue to behave in such an irresponsible manner, the home will become a defunct entity and the housewife a thing of the past.
Education is for enlightment and awareness and not for destruction. No matter how much education we get, we must never turn our faces from the home, as this is the place which breeds happiness and love, which only, can nurture happy citizens and which in turn can only be given by women.
Let us appeal to our better senses and try to handle both the worlds with efficiency and love, for we can be all powerful if we are educated but this power should be used to bring solace rather than doom.

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