Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tradition is the hallmark of nation

The multi-problem scenario in every sphere is looming large on the Indian horizon and to add we can all see the fast deterioration and crumbling down of the age old traditions of India, which are blatantly giving way to a lop-sided Westernisation of the Indian.
This Westernisation, takes its birth in the homes, where we teach our children may be unwittingly, all that is of the West, without an iota of what can be truly called Indian. Id deal with this facet of the Indian scenario as, it is here that the mothers and women at large can play a vital role. It is for us to see that, when we inculcate habits and styles that are Western, we must also imbibe in the children the culture and traditions that are Indian.
It is never to be surmised that, we must abstain from learning from outsiders but, when we learn, we must sort out whether what is Indian truly needs a change for our betterment, or are we just changing because the particular style is of the West. Once we care to sort out, we will realize that everything that we are adopting in our lives is not really very necessary for our growth. Instead, most of what we are adopting and have adopted is hitting a deadly blow to our originality and our age-old culture. We must try to understand very clearly that, nation that changes beyond recognition does not deserve to be called a nation at all.
It is for the women as mothers and teachers to inculcate Indian values in the next generation as, these were our assets, and pointed at us, as being, a country apart from the common rut. It is never to be suggested that, we learn nothing from others. We must absorb whatever good we can, from anyone but, in doing so we must not lose our identity. Our assets of values have always stood us in good stead and have always stood the test of time. Sure enough they were instrinsic to our very existence. However in our zest for Westernisation we have completely lost ground, and have surely changed beyond all norms, so much so that, we have lost our identity in the world of culture. Let us remember that, when we copy the West in without a thought of its necessity, we are behaving like slaves. For it is only slaves who have nothing of their own, and all that they own is borrowed or given in charity.
We have to uphold the traditions of this ancient land stop it from completer Westernisation. If we do not stop this plague at this crucial juncture, we will be the losers as, it is we who will find ourselves misfit in the changed Western scenario. We must learn from wherever we can, but never lose our identity as, “East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet”. We should therefore, work hard in maintaining our traditions, as tradition is the hallmark of a flourishing nation. All good things are acquired with fatigue.

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