Sunday, September 7, 2008

If I were a Millionaire

Million rupees is quite a big sum, even when the rupee is so much devalued. Oh! How wonderful it would be if I were ever to get a million rupees and what, yes, what would I do with it. Just let me think and make out my plans for, one never knows when Lady Luck comes and knocks at my door and I am found napping. So let me put on my thinking cap and start, yes start.
If I were a millionaire, would life have to change for me? Would I spend it all on myself and my family.But, how would I do that, I already have all that I want for a comfortable and happy living, how and what would I add? Could then I be in a position to help others in need, with that money, as, with a million to spare, I could render a lot of help to several people in need.
Yes, yes, that is the moot point would I spare it or take it as if it was my earning and cling to it as, we all cling to hard earned money for it was to be in reality my earning, the earning of my luck, if not my hard work. However, in better moments I’d think I manage to fulfil all my needs with the normal income what can I do with an extra amount of money, and that also so much of it, Oh! I’m confused and I cannot visualize what would be right for me to do in the very circumstance.
Come on, come out of the labyrinth of confused thoughts, it is really difficult to plan expenditure of an unexpected huge amount of money that’s true but, I remember I have some specific plans which have been eating dust due to lack of money reserves, now is the time to fructify those very plans. I have some plans which would only be possible if God would bloss me with a gift of such money that I could conveniently spare. Such money, I would love to use more for the benefit of others than for the fulfillment of my desires.
This is because I know that the desires of man are unlimited and unending. No matter how much we have, we can never feel satiated. But God is great and He has given me the satisfaction in as much as I have, and this money I would definitely like to spend for the benefit of others.
I would spend all this money as my contribution towards man’s basic needs. A storehouse of knowledge would be constructed in the shape of a public library, at the doors of which, poor people would get educated. This education may not be in the form of formal kind but this education would help in making the poor, moral and self reliant. This library would have books which, besides knowledge, would also give the readers insight into their behaviors. I would also start for the poor only some vocational centres where they would be taught skills by virtue of which, they would, at a later stage be able to earn a livelihood.
The plight of the poor sick in our country is absolutely heart rending. I would like to ensure treatment of the urban poor in good, well established hospitals. This would be financed by me for at least a few patients.
In today’s fast moving and uncaring society I feel that the old people have a very sad and dejected life. Old age homes for the poor old would also find a place of priority in my list of services I would like to render. The plight of the old, makes my heart cry and I wish I can do something for them. If I ever get a big amount of money to spare, establishing old age homes would find place in my list of services.
So, if I were to become a millionaire these items would remain in top priority of expenditure. Why I chose these areas of service – the cause is not far to seek – these are the areas that have remained untouched by any one safe and they are the greatest sufferers in todays.
As far as I am concerned, I feel, I may take a short holiday with my family, and that is all I’II spend on myself, as, the rest of it all, I’ve got it all. I would love to be, of some little use to someone else, some of my less lucky, brethren. So, if I ever become a millionaire I would spend all the money on my comrades for, I genuinely believe they have a share in all that God gives me.


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