Friday, September 26, 2008

What is Aethesm

What is Aethesm – let us try to understand. Aetheism is the non – belief in God. An atheist is a person who does not believe in the existence of God. He thinks that, god is a hoax, a farce, an aberration, a creation by the weak for their own protection. This is the attitude of an aetheist for, he thinks that, seeing is believing, and so, what we cannot see we need not believe. There is no sense in believing in an apparition as it would be – God
There is, I feel no harm in believing or not believing in God, but it is an aetheist’s attitude of condescension that is uncalled for and objectionable. An aetheist sees no one as great as himself, or as much as a doer as himself. Together with this, when he firmly believes that seeing only is believing, and, when God is not a visible entity, he is no entity at all. This logic appears to be quite rational but there could be no one no more blind than a person who refuses to see, even though he has eyes. I’d say that such a person is not blind but, he is adamant and obstinate. He only uses rationale and logic to undermine the idea, but, where does his logic go, when the obvious faces him?
Let us look around, towards any direction, to any distance, we will find God’s emissaries everywhere. The proof is in the Sun, the Moon, the stars, the greenery and, above all, the miracle of man himself. When it is so easy to see and recognize God, we continue to have arguments, holding discussions, and debates on the existence of the one who is omnipresent, for us to notice and feel. This blind attitude of the aetheist is really beyond comprehension.
The very existence of the world we live in is a living proof of the existence of God, what more do we need to see to give God a clean chit of His presence. I am sure that, at this juncture, the aetheist – the man will certainly say that, the world we live in today, is definitely not the creation of the Lord. The plea taken is that, did God create the amenities we all enjoy in this world today? Did God even come to teach us all that we have learnt to do to make ourselves comfortable? No friends, God certainly did not make these items for our use, and, neither did he come to teach us all this BUT – who gave man the computer of his brain, that has done so much to make life comfortable? This was certainly we man’s contribution. This was the gift of God.
We talk of mechanization, doctors, engineers and so many more who have made all that we see but, from where did the raw material – the brain come? We talk of machines – yes, man has made great strides in making and the using of machines but, once again, may I ask my aetheist friends, who gave the iron and steel, or the raw material for the making of these machines? When we read a book, we must at least sometimes, appreciate the author, and not forget him completely, for, if the author had not written the book, how would we enjoy it? We talk of gas, water power being using by the intelligence of man, yes but, once again, who gave us all these to be used – God. When we admire our achievements, we must never forget the giver of the raw materials, without which we could not have achieved anything.
Let us for a moment think whether man created or if man is capable of creating the raw materials he uses. Yes, man’s greatness lies in his ingenuity in using all these but, could he has created all this? Man’s greatness lies in using all the gifts of God intelligently but, let us be clear in understanding that, the creator of all these is someone else – Who? That is for us to comprehend, visualize and understand.
Another aspect in which we see the existence of some power greater than that of man is in the occurrence of major natural calamities. Such calamities befall the earth off and on, why? Has not man been able to keep a check on these in spite of all his scientific and technological knowledge? In spite of all man’s creativity, ingenuity, intelligence and know how, man has not been able to over power these natural calamities. They come only to remind man and specially the aetheist of the power, the real power that happens to be above and beyond our comprehension.
If the aetheist has only one code of understanding that, only seeing is believing then, I’d ask him does he not see the waterfalls, the mountains, the beauty of the world and the calamities, all in a package, from God, or at least from somewhere. Does he not see the hand of God in death of all that is living? Death occurs, even today, in these hi-tech days in spite of all medical advancements – why? This is because there is some power visible or invisible to people, who conducts all these programmes of life and death. This power keeps the reins of final display in his hands, and seems to exist in every nook and corner of the world, only as if waiting to be noticed by an aetheist, who has eyes, ears and brain yet, neither see nor understand him.

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