Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Mechanical Man of the Mechanical World

It has often been heard that, the effects of physical environment have a deep impact on the mental balance, mental attitude and outlook on life. However, it is a wonder that specialists dealing in different aspects of Environment are not apparently interested in the effect of deteriorating environment on the mental standards of human beings. Let us ponder upon a few aspects of the effects of environment on the mental attitudes and aptitudes of modern human beings.
This can best be assessed when we study a cross section of the younger generation who are becoming the products of this mechanical environment. They are still growing so, the impact of the environment can best be seen in their attitudes.
The razing of Mother Earth and greenery around, and in its place, construction of high rise buildings all around has had a very great impact on the human attitudes. The love and appreciation of beauty in Nature has been completely erased and, instead, the love of grand sophisticated sky rocketing houses and palatial buildings have taken its place.
Walking in fresh air, and basking in the sun has given place to staying confined inside air conditioned houses, wherein, man feels that, he has captured Nature, and, has himself created the cool and warmth of Nature. This appreciation and life of a closed environment has lead to several diseases physicall and mental, it has lead to a closed and individual oriented and pervert attitude of man, who having all mechanical amenities looks down on all those people who can not afford these luxuries of enclosed palaces. With this sense of values in the present senior generation who create the social environment, the attitude of the younger generation is absolutely enveloped in their search and zest for glamour and easy money to buy them the glamour. So we can say that the desire for luxuries which can be bought only with plenty of money lead to the ever increasing desire for earning this by hook or by crook. This glamour and easy money are the obvious concomitants of this style so called progressive and mechanical living.
With Nature out of our lives, natural feelings are also now, of little consequence in the present scenario. It is thus, no surprise that, the naturally made man has now, by his own progress and knowledge been converted into a mechanical lathe, cutting and shaping and shaping a life style of its own, far from all basics of nature. When nature and natural living is disappearing from our social environment, it is but natural for the natural man also to be less natural, for, how can a natural being exist in the mechanically charged atmosphere. Man is now machine made with mechanical responses, instead of natural reactions and emotions.
It is high time that, if we have to change the mentality of budding generation we must change the environment into a more natural one, and try to live with less artificiality. My personal view is that, even if it be at the cost of giving up a little comfort and sophistication we must be more alert to the needs of the time, and try to reverse our outlooks to nature and be less artificial in our life styles. It is the result of this so called progress of the mechanical world that, to-day we beings exist but the human is becoming extinct.

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