Friday, September 12, 2008

India in the 21st Century

It would be nice for us if we stopped day dreaming and expecting the India of the21st Century to be very much better than what it is at the end of the 20th Century. The trend that is obviously visible in all walks of life is neither very encouraging nor very full of hope.
Now let us study threadbare the possibilities in most of the important spheres. Politically the 1998 government has completed its full term. Bus as expected the corrupt brand of policians is still visible. We may not expect abright future till the corrupt brand of politician be a finished produce though it has toward it some extent.
More than that is not possible in less than ten years because the damages done in fifty years can not be done away in a megical moment. The trend may be that the new politicians may learn some lessons from the fate of their unruly powerful predecessors and improve their brand. The young politicians may start from good beginnings realising that, evil, corruption, nepotism cannot last for long, and this feeling will give them the jitters, and they may never indulge in the dirt of politics. Besides the politician, the electorate may also use its own thinking power for this, trend has become obvious.
The electorate has become aware and alert regarding the misuse of power by the politician and they may never tolerate it in future. Regarding the multi party system that has surfaced in India, I suspect that, by the first decade of the 21st Century only, this system may be thrown to the winds, and the viability of a multiparty system in India may be scrapped, and a distinct bi party system may emerge. Multi party system in a place like India is an experiment in futility, this fact will be soon realised, as the stock of our politicians are the ones to adapt and adjust.
Every individual politician wants his piece of cake, and is least bothered for the country he has promised to serve. Since this is the situation on the ground, by the first decade of the 21st Century only. I personally feel that, a clear bi party system could emerge, after some experiments in the adventure in the adventure of multi party Governments.
The administration of the Government offices may also be functioning better by the early years of the next Century as, the corrupt and antiwork lobby by then may have brought India’s administration to a grinding halt. Whit the new Government having taken the reins at the end of the 20th Century. It may be the lessons of the past, help them to tone up the administration, and help it come out of the woods. The Government may become very efficient and fast and prompt as, the sluggish working of precious administrations has got the public come to a point of breakdown and revolt. To uplift the mood of the depressed public, the Government may set for itself a new and strict code for conducting itself, and if this is done, India will be having a wonderful administration.
In trade the 21st Century will certainly see growth of International trade, and there will also be ample encouragement for our local cottage industries. This will see a positive rise in the Indian business and culture. With our national economy taking strides ahead, I can hope that the gap between the Haves and Have Nots in India will be reduced and we may see less of poverty in the country.
Socially the 21st Century will be either more depressing then the 20th has been or, if the social attitudes take a somersault, we may once again become a socially homogeneous country. In the 20th Century, the onslaught of Western culture on our society has been well nigh complete, and heart breaking. Our beautiful family has given way under pressures of western studies, our dresses have become vulgar, our choice of art has been shaped by western choices, in short, I’d say the murder of Indian society has been complete. Regarding this aspect, the 21st Century has two possibilities, one is, further increase in Westernisation in thought and action, in art and culture. The second chance is that, realising the drawbacks and the impact of Westernisation, the 21st Century society may come back to our own original India social norms. These two chance are visible on the India social horizon let’s see what is in store.
The knowledge of Science and Technology will go up in leaps and bounds and I am sure we will not be very far behind any of the progressed countries. We may be the ones to teach the world how to use nuclear science for the benefit of mankind.
After having seen the 20th Century observing the total decline of moral values, the21st Century may a witness a rise or rather the comeback of morality in India. The vagaries of the lack of morality have made the Indians suffer so much, in every sphere that in 21st Century they may realise that lack of morality and character have been the real bane of India’s fortunes. If people really start thinking in this direction it could be that the 21st Century ushers in for India a period of high moral standards of individual characters. If this happens India would have learnt its lessons of the 20th Century.
With a possible revival of morality and character among Indians, the 21st Century may bring in for India its golden period of growth and development. If we scrutinise carefully the drawbacks of the 20th Century, all of them coil down to a basic lack of character. So, if this great quality comes back to us we surely have a century of successes ahead.


Abhinav said...

Good Written
but post that status of women in in dia in 21st century


sai said...
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sai said...

it was good watching this essay

but it was more about politics


Riju Sen said...

'Evils of a westernised society'?
Our own dear Indian society has it's share of evils: dowry, female infanticide, polygamy in some societies, caste-bias, religious hatred, dynastic politics... the list goes on and on. We have come a long way in mitigating these problems but in the process have burdened our twisted individual-undermining, divisive society with alien problems like drug abuse and high rate of divorce. contrary to what you suggest women wearing practical gender-neutral clothes is not promiscuity. You, sir, glorify the feudal and barbaric customs and way of life led by our unfortunate ancestors.